Being brave in a climate of change


With technology developing at a phenomenal rate, the increasing economic pressure and the continuous fluctuations in the education system the future for schools and learners provides a recipe for deep frustration. However in this period of change there is the potential for an abundance of creativity, innovation and collaboration through technology. Those schools that have brave leadership, teachers, learners and ultimately a brave community that are willing to take risks in this climate of change will be those that will continue to achieve success.

Our current education system

Conditions for deep frustration or creativity & innovation?

Being brave is the key to creativity, innovation and collaboration through technology.

We need brave leaders, teachers and learners.

Brave Leaders

Embrace / Open to technology

Lead learners


Empower their community


How to develop a culture of creativity and innovation in tech?

Staying ahead of the game

The importance of keeping up with the changes through building a good personal learning network (PLN), strengthening existing traditional partnerships and networks and getting the latest information e.g. Schools week is a great new source and good value for money.

Whole school approach to the use of ICT to maximise the impact

Innovative use of social media – can enhance parental and community engagement, recruitment and develop more opportunities for students and staff.

Take responsibility for Digital literacy in the community

Brave Teachers are needed for creativity and innovation with technology

Embrace / Open to technology


Confidence to take risks

Creatively empower their learners

The importance of developing collective capacity with a strong emphasis of CPD. Whether that is getting staff together through Teachmeet’s or for example what Tom Sherrington @headguruteacher suggests with the ‘Market Place’

Getting your staff on Twitter – two great posts by Ross @teachertoolkit and Mark @ictevangelist

To blog or not to blog? Encourage staff to blog to help develop good reflection, metacognition and to receive feedback.

We have a school teaching blog that we all share check this for blogs about this conference!

Technology in the classroom

Use the Swiss army knife approach – Right tool for the job and often the simpler the better what is important is that learning comes 1st what is the impact it makes on learning?

Brave Learners are needed for creativity and innovation with technology

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Collaborative on a global scale

Solve problems with technology

Use technology in innovative ways

We want to empower our young people to take initiative, to actively seek out problems and to solve them. To develop enterprise and leadership.

Key challenges

‘De-bunk the edtech myths’

We need to evidence and research if technology makes a significant impact or not in our own classrooms & schools & challenge the government to fund more academic research to evaluate this.

‘Close the gap on those with DSL’

Digital literacy as a second language – supporting parents and adults in our communities to understand how technologies work and how they can best support the young people that they care for & also educate young people how to use technology creatively yet appropriately. With a greater freedom comes greater responsibility.

‘Connect lifelong learning (cradle to grave)’

A stronger collaboration from primary to secondary & HEI’s and business.

‘Accessibility for all’

Ensuring everyone has the tools to flourish in the 21st century, how are you closing the gap? How are you spending the PP etc?

‘Reclaiming Mindfulness’

Balance multi screens & multi tasking – Connect with the present! Mindfulness & wellbeing for students & staff? How to switch off from technology etc? Develop good habits?

Every teacher & every learner has a legacy – what is yours?

Recharge the Battery



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