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Google Tips


It is great to see that Google have recently given their ‘Google Tips’ site a revamp. It looks much better and also has many new tips and tricks on improving the use of Google products.

One of the new features is ’12 ways to improve your security’ it is good to have a look at this and check that you are covering all bases and ensuring that you protect yourself and others. The dashboard feature enables you to click on the 12 different boxes and to read through instructions on how to set things up.

google tips 2

There are 87 other things on there at the moment and I am sure that this will continue to grow.

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on “88 new Google tips
One Comment on “88 new Google tips
  1. It would be an honor for me to answer here
    Google has actually giving us something new and useful , and I’ve fully explaining That 88 Things in my channel
    It will be the first series to explain Google Tips
    Named : Things you didn’t know : Google Tips in Youtube Now

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