Finding a job in an International School

So you are interested in moving overseas to teach but where do you start? If you haven’t already done so read the first blog post in this series.

There are 584 jobs in international schools on the TES when I visited this morning


Narrow down what areas and countries you want to move to

This is a really important place to begin, think carefully about your own personal circumstances and think about the type of life you want to live as this will have an impact on where you will be happy to live. For example you or your family may have specific medical needs which will then influence where you could possibly live and work; you may already have a large family and therefore relocating them to certain countries around the world would then mean you would struggle to live the life you want because financially you just won’t be able to survive because the salaries may be lower and the cost of living high. So as you consider moving abroad you must make a shortlist of the places you would like to live, obviously climate and other basic factors would also come in to play so spend some time researching online living in different countries as an expatriate.

Narrowing this choice will also help save time once you start looking for specific roles. The important thing is for you to be realistic and to be honest about what you want, it is very easy to get carried away with the excitement and once you begin it can be like a roller-coaster ride. Before I left for the Seychelles I was offered an exciting Headship in Dubai on an amazing package that we nearly accepted. However after spending another 48 hours researching living in Dubai we decided it wasn’t really for us, it was too hot to live an outdoor life there for my youngest child at the time. Other people live there and have a great life with kids like but like with everything we are all different and want different things so what may be right for one teacher may not be right for you.

Where is the best place to find that job?


The best place to find any job vacancies is obviously the TES, it has the largest number of international schools advertising more than any other website or publication, it is a great place to start as there are probably only a handful of schools worldwide that don’t use it (we really are talking about a very small number). You can also register to receive alerts when vacancies that match your criteria are posted.

Recruitment agencies

There are various recruitment agencies and then registering your CV with them as soon as possible. They do both short term and longer term appointments they are particularly good at short term appointments where you could apply, be interviewed by Skype or telephone then be on a flight all within 2 weeks.

Recruitment Fayres

There are many international recruitment fayres, many are held at key dates in the year where schools and organisations around the world will recruit in one week in London and it is a good opportunity for you to make connections but also perhaps fit in more than one interview in one day or over a couple of days.

If you have any questions then get in touch.


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  1. Hi Dan,
    Thank you for your blog first of all, really helpful. Can you give me any insight on how likely international schools are to hiring teachers with families. I have 2 year old twins and a husband (not a teacher). You were obviously hired when you had a family, but you had a senior position. Do schools look for teachers with dependents or are you likely to go to the bottom of the pile so to speak. I’d like to think I have a strong CV and have taught abroad (TEFL in Japan nad France) for many years before I returned to the UK to gain my PGCE. After 5 years teaching in London I want to make the move internationally, but don’t know how feasible that is now with a family. Any advice would be encouraging.

  2. Hi Laura, Thank you for taking the time to read the posts and also comment, sorry about the delay in responding but I have been making the most of the summer holidays and have been away. I have decided to write the next blog post covering some of the questions that you have raised in your comments so I hope it helps 🙂

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