Developing a ‘Growth Mindset’

Apologies for those avid readers of my blog who I may have led down the ‘wrong garden path’ with the title of this post. However this is not about the works of Carol Dweck but about a new venture/interest/experiment of writing about other interests outside of teaching such as… I can’t believe I am going to say it but well – Gardening! (hence the bad puns).

I have recently moved house and it is a bit of a life change in a way as I have chosen to relocate from a terraced house in the city with no garden just a small backyard with decking to I guess what can only be described as a small beautiful rural village with a monster of a garden which can be described as a small woodland.

You are probably now wondering why? The reason is to provide a better quality of life for my family and to develop a ‘sanctuary’ a place to escape the pressures of working within education and that is disconnected from technology to keep a life balance,

With absolutely no prior experience of gardening (I didn’t really have one growing up), no knowledge of how to manage such a large garden, no tools or equipment (so yes not gear or idea), potentially not much time on my hands with a new job and a young family and perhaps this is just a passing phase or fad – I am embracing the outdoors and will be blogging about the ups and downs of my ‘growth mindset’.

I wonder if this will last longer than the summer holidays?



on “Developing a ‘Growth Mindset’
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  1. Thanks Lindsay, yes I will need all the help I can get, I have 15 wheelbarrow loads of weeds dumped in a pile that I am considering burning in a bonfire this afternoon if the conditions are right

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