#NC11 PART 7 – Games Based Blogging–Saltash.net & Lodge Park schools

Yesterday myself and Ray Chambers an ICT teacher at Lodge Park Technology College did two school showcase presentations at the conference. We had a really great attendance to both sessions and also received some excellent feedback on the work that our students were doing.

The presentation centred around games based learning looking specifically at two projects one called Games Based Blogging and the other focusing on the use of Kinect in the classroom.

During the presentation we got some of the audience playing with the Kinect and also connected to Year 8 students and James Edwards an ICT teacher at Saltash.net.

One of the main reasons for the partnership and projects between the two schools has been the connection through Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Network. If you or your school hasn’t signed up yet to the free community then please do.


You can see an interview of Ray and myself after the presentation by the student press team here:



You can also see a copy of the presentation here (without all of the videos etc):


on “#NC11 PART 7 – Games Based Blogging–Saltash.net & Lodge Park schools
4 Comments on “#NC11 PART 7 – Games Based Blogging–Saltash.net & Lodge Park schools
  1. Thanks for an informative talk.
    Have a day off today and have been playing with kudo for most of it, I am sure the students will enjoy it. Do you have a link to the lesson plans written by your students, thanks again.

  2. Brilliant! Good stuff – will email you a copy of them.

    Thanks for coming to the session and the positive feedback 🙂

  3. Cheersmy lanky friend! Yes they are great! The students interviewing on behalf of Radiowaves were fantastic and Radiowaves did a brilliant job of supporting them!

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