Pisco Sours, Ponchos & Panpipes

On Monday 17th August I fly out to Peru for 10 days as a special guest with the charity Cool Earth. http://www.coolearth.org/ “Cool Earth grew from a meeting of minds between Frank Field and Johan Eliasch. Frank is a true social reformer and Johan is one of the world’s most successful business people who decided to put his money where his mouth is and protect 400,000 acres of Amazonian rainforest by buying it from a logging company.”

Cool Earth is a charity that is set up to protect the most endangered areas of rainforest around the world. They try to combat global warming, protect ecosystems and provide sustainable jobs for the local people.

Why not sponsor to protect half an acre of rainforest? Each unit you sponsor secures protection for half an acre of endangered rainforest and keeps 130 tonnes of CO2 safely locked up and it just costs £30.

We will be travelling to the Amazon with a small group of teachers from the UK and USA with representatives from Cool Earth to spend sometime with the Ashaninka tribe to look at things like deforestation and to hopefully develop some potential links within education and to raise awareness of these issues back here in Cornwall. You may have seen the Ashaninka tribe on the BBC’s Amazon programme with Bruce Parry


the first episode was on the Ashaninka tribe see the video here:


I will be blogging whilst there but obviously due to the lack of the tinternet in the Amazon rainforest it may not be regular!

Please keep up to date as will be posting videos, pictures etc and will be looking for creating some collaborative projects with other students around the world so if you are interested then please let me know.


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  1. Hi Dan,

    Have a fantastic time in Peru, it’s is a magnificent place and I wish I could go back. I hope though that your Amazon food was better than mine – fried bananas and cold sardines!

    Have fun,


  2. Hi Stuart thank you for your kind message! Where did you visit? I am looking forward to their special beer – they have an unusual way of making it mmmm!

  3. I was there for but a month in 2005, went to the usual places: Arequipa; Cusco; Puno; and up to Iquitos and did a three or four day trip from there.

    I didn’t try *that* beer but if you get chance have some Cusquena Malta – you can get the normal lager stuff in the UK now but this dark beer is lovely, like an English Ale, similar to but lighter than Orkney Dark Island in fact!

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