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Yes that’s right! the school now has its own tv channel saltashdotnet over the next year events and other videos that are created will be posted on here for us to share with the rest of the world. Here are three videos already on there:

Alice & her piglets



This is a short video of Princes Alice the pig and her 2nd litter of piglets.

Alice gave birth to this new batch of piglets which happens to be her 2nd litter on Wednesday the 22nd July straight after the last day of term. This is because she finally got some peace and quiet. She gave birth to 5 piglets – 4 male and 1 female. The piglets  have been named in a poll after 5 long term teachers who have just left the school – Peter, Gill, Phil, Colin and Dave. You can see her and the piglets on pigcam

How 2 Use Audacity



This is a video that shows teachers or students how to actually use the software audacity to make podcasts etc.

This is one of the how 2 videos created by the Chicken Man AKA Dan Roberts for staff and students at Community School. It is also fr anyone who may find it useful anywhere in the world whilst accessing it via the tinternet.

Year 12 Shopping Online

Year 12


This is a video created by some of our Year 12 students as part of their ICT coursework.

Here’s a video by some year 12 students as a part of their ICT coursework. It’s an original composition and demonstrates the sort of creativity the students here at have!

I have made several How 2 videos for staff and students who are not sure how to use things like Twitter, Audacity & Sound recorder to make their own podcasts, Moviemaker and Photostory to make their own videos. Let me know what you think of some of the videos already on the channel. If your school has their own Youtube channel then please leave a comment so we can link them up.

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