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I have been extremely fortunate to work alongside strong governing bodies in all of the schools that I have worked in. When I was a Headteacher I had an excellent Chair of Governors who was able to provide fantastic support and challenge. I have great respect for all governors for the energy, time and commitment they have in supporting schools. I have recently gained more of an understanding of what it is like to become one myself as a parent governor at my son’s primary school. It has been a really interesting experience sitting on the other side and having a different role. Has anyone else found this different?

There have been a couple of good publications recently that I thought I would share on here:

The first is the new Governors’ handbook produced by the DfE and update at the end of January.

The second is a new publication produced by the National Governors’ Agency (NGA) that is focused on improving governance in schools. The publication is a flexible guide to strategic planning

Are you a governor?

What has it like being on the other side?

Are you a member of the NGA? How do you find it?

Have you used the handbook or strategic planning tool? What do you think?


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  1. I have been a governor for the past 9 years in different schools across the city and have found it truly rewarding but also hard work.

  2. Thank you for your comment Sara, where do you gain additional support in your role? Where do you go for advice/guidance?

  3. I am a governor at 2 schools , one an LA the other an Academy.
    Both have different support trails. I have NGA membership via one and a Governance support person ( Karen Powell ) at the other. “My” primary is on the look out for new governors – we have tried SGOSS and got a few responses. Any other good ideas for new blood ?

  4. Thanks Dave sorry I missed this comment, thanks for replying and sharing the practice. I am still searching for more ideas 🙂

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