Will you be going to BETT? #BETT14 #BETT2014

I haven’t posted for a very long time; unfortunately a new job and a new baby have kept me busy but both are going extremely well. I am off to BETT this Friday and thought it would be a great opportunity to verbalise plans and to also hear what you will be up to? I will only be there on Friday 24th January and have a full schedule so if you would like to try and catch up then please get in touch this week.

When you go to BETT and only have 8 hours you really have to plan your time, a good start would be looking at the background to the event and more importantly a floor plan. I have struggled to find this but special thanks to Rachel Orr this morning via twitter sharing the Sec Ed guide here: http://www.sec-ed.co.uk/files/3513/8602/3151/Supp-Bett2014.pdf

Next thing is to have some objectives here are mine:

  1. Presenting – I will be sharing the good practice of my current school Devonport High School for Boys at the School Leaders summit on the creative use of social media in schools. I will be presenting with some great people and I am sure it will provide a fantastic debate. http://www.bettshow.com/seminar/Fall-in-like-with-tweeting-How-social-media-can-revolutionise-the-way-you-plan-lessons-and-teach
  2. Supporting Student Leadership at Devonport High School for Boys – Our amazing team of students from Thinkspace http://thinkspace.co.uk/ will be presenting with Microsoft Denmark all week but on Friday will be presenting in one of the learn live sessions and also with Stephen Heppell more details in their BETT Blog http://www.bettshow.com/page.cfm/action=library/libID=12/libEntryID=61
  3. Creating a Strategic ICT Plan – Some of our staff and students will be attending with myself on Friday with the main objective to hunt, forage and develop innovative ideas to inform our strategic plan. There will be more to come on this.
  4. Networking – A chance to meet some new and ‘old friends’ to hatch new plans for collaborative work in the future.

Are you off to BETT? What are your plans?

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