This is simply AMAZING–You must check out Thinkspace

It has been amazing to hear all about this exciting new venture for some young people from Plymouth. Three students from Devonport High School for Boys (DHSB) have created this new movement which has gained support and recognition from the biggest names from the world of technology.

If you have watched the video above then you already know something about it but if you want to know the story behind it then you can read a guest blog post from one of the co-founders James Anderson @Jsa on the Microsoft blog titled ThinkSpace: Helping to inspire the next Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg’s

I think this is a fantastic project which demonstrates the power that technology can have on education and to develop young people to have the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to make a considerable impact on the world. I am very excited and look forward to seeing this evolve.

For more information visit

Follow the two other founders:

Kamran Malik @Kmk

Ollie Bredemeyer @Obredemeyer



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