Why don’t you apply to become a Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator?

Microsoft’s Innovative Educator Expert (MIE Expert) is an exclusive one year program that celebrates educators across the world who use technology to transform education.

The application doesn’t take long at all and if you are selected then as well as being part of a fantastic programme you will also be given a Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface

Are you eligible to apply?

Basically if you are teaching at the moment and doing great stuff in the classroom then you probably can see below:


What are the benefits?

Selected educators spend a year in the program. During that time, they gain access to a broad range of resources and support designed to help them reach their goals. These include:

  • An invitation to join the Partners in Learning Global Forum Heralded as a life changing event by educators who have attended, you will get the opportunity to attend Microsoft’s premier global event for educators, where educators can network and collaborate with other leaders from around the world. This time it will be in Barcelona.
  • Access to the latest technology for educators Be one of the first educators to get free access to some of the latest Microsoft technology and tools.
  • Consultation with world education leaders Get exclusive professional and career development opportunities through virtual calls, face to face training and virtual communities of practice.
  • Influence and insight Get insider briefings from Microsoft on products and education research, network with Microsoft executives and provide feedback to Microsoft. Be an advisor to Partners in Learning. Share your innovations with world renown educators and globally recognized specialists.
  • Collaboration opportunities Collaborate with like minded educators from around the world. A few participants may be invited to participate in an Innovative Educator exchange program.
  • Create positive stories in education Get marketing tools and press advice for getting positive stories in education heard. We will help you build your personal brand through features in social media and blog.

If this is something you are interested in then check out how you apply below however the first thing you have to do is register and sign up to the Partners in Learning site http://www.pil-network.com/. My application took me around a couple of hours.


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