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I had read about an app taking the states by storm over the summer but wasn’t sure if it was available here in the UK however a chance meeting at #BETT2015 with one of their team has now led me to trialing this in my school.

The app is a free, safe and easy to use method of communicating messages from a teacher to groups of students or parents or both. It does this through messaging through the free app, at the moment it is only really one way but is a great free way of pushing out notices to parents and students. You can also attach links, documents, photos and sound clips.

To set this up all you do is download the app which is free for IOS and android, set up your account and a group then send a code to whoever you want to join that group and start messaging.

The app is now said to have a billion users worldwide and you can read more about it here

I will be testing it out over the next couple of months and posting updates on here.

Are you using it yet? What do you think about it?


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  1. I am hoping to trial this app in a primary school in the UK.
    How is it going? Any flaws or issues? Is it as good as it appears to be!? How does it work in the UK?

  2. Thanks for visiting and sorry for the slow response, I have been away. To be honest it seemed to work well, I didn’t use it for a long time or for all communication. The potential issues are any parents not with a smart phone but it works just as well as in the states here. Worth a try but unless you have all parents with the app and regularly using it can’t be the only form of communication. However if you create the desire from parents I could see it working. keep me posted if you use it – thanks 🙂

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