How teachers can stop being scared of twitter and love it instead

Special thanks to Julian Wood who is the fantastic @idead_factory who is always a source of ‘fantastic ideas’ Smile I saw Julian’s tweet the other day and it made me reflect on teachers using twitter. It also put in context a school that I am currently working with who has teachers that are feeling isolated and are finding it difficult to connect and get support from like minded teachers all over the world.

Julian tweeted this great article about How teachers can stop being scared of twitter It is a really good starting point for new teachers.

Teachers love twitter

It also made me reflect on a really good article that featured myself, @olliebray and @stevebunce titled ‘Why I can’t live without twitter’ Here are some of the reasons why in a series of tweets (140 characters):

I can’t live without Twitter! I believe it is one of the most powerful ICT tools in education at the moment

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

What other form of ICT can open a classroom up to the rest of the world in just 140 characters,

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

empower teachers to become digital magpies where they can talk with other teachers in classrooms all over the world,

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

and share their excellent practice and then take this back into their classroom?

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

It is a modern-day, educational Samaritan service – teachers are no longer isolated, they can tweet questions, concerns, grumbles

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

and within a matter of minutes have several supportive comments from other teachers in their position who help solve their problems

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

It is perhaps the best value for money CPD for teachers as you can get inspirational ideas, resources, tips and advice

@chickensaltash Dan Roberts

and you don’t have to travel long distances or buy in supply to cover your lessons!

You can read the full article here:

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