Fame at last…

I received this tweet from Tom Jackson the Programme Manager for Microsoft in Northern Ireland (@TJinbelfast) who I have known for a few years now.

Vizify Fame at last

Vizify https://www.vizify.com/ is basically almost a virtual biographical data service, not sure what that actually is as I think I have made it up. But it integrates with twitter so just by signing up it will create some info graphics about you which you can also edit based on your online presence. You can use this for many things but one thing the site does is create your own twitter video which highlights your best bits on twitter. It only took less than one minute to produce, you can edit it to almost tweak what you want it to say but I couldn’t be bothered. Was a bit of fun!


As well as the video there is an area if you sign up to create your own info graphic about you which would make an alternative or interesting CV Smile

Check out my video here:


If you have a go then please let me know what you think or post the link to your video.

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