Leading2Learn Learning2Lead – Week #4

I am still learning to lead and so you can join me in this journey once a week (ok the term got the better of me there!) where I will discuss issues to do with leadership and management in schools. It would be great to hear from you about your thoughts on all things leadership.

“It takes unwavering commitment to the worth of each teacher and each child to be an exceptional one. In the words of Margaret Wheatley, ‘Belief is the place from which change originates.’ What is it that you believe about exceptional leaders?”

After completing my first full term as Headteacher here at the International School Seychelles, not including the time spent building and repairing in July and all through the long holidays (not summer as it is actually winter here.) The last couple of days I have spent some time reflecting on the journey and reading some articles. I remember reading both of these whilst completing my NPQH.

‘From effective to exceptional’ by Kathleen Butler http://www.learnersdimension.com/About_Us_files/NCSLPaper.pdf and

Jim Clemmer ‘Feedback to see how others see me’ http://www.clemmergroup.com/feedback-to-see-how-others-see-me.php

I thought it was interesting where it said that many leaders don’t have the time to understand the effect their personal style etc influences others, I think this is a really interesting observation and I can see that at times this has happened this term. I think to a certain degree I have seen that this is the case with certain other people in leadership positions.

The key points for reflection over the holidays are:

1) As a leader know your own leadership style and the effect it can have on others

2) Try and make the management of others ‘invisible’ I know what they mean here, some people think this takes no planning or effort, that they can simply do it naturally but you do need to plan to ‘bridge’ certain personalities to ensure the team becomes more effective!

3) To keep the main thing the main thing and the main thing is learning – focus on the kids as the most important thing that drives you forward!

4) A key quote in the Clemmer article I think is thisI judge myself by my intentions. Others judge me by my actions’ and this part about the "SARAH process." This approach comes from grief counseling. The first letter of each stage spell "SARAH." The stages are Shock, Anger, Resentment, Acceptance, and Help.

What do you think?

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