Worldwide Innovative Summit for Education #WISE2012–Part 9

Early Childhood Education: Starting Off Right

First of the talk discussed an early child’s brain development. Dr Blakemore stated that Neuroscience is the key to understanding the early stages of development of humans. The brain can change in response to stimulation and passes through various periods of sensitivity to learn certain sorts of things. For example visual stimulation can make a positive impact on what the brain learns from a early age.

Through understanding more about the brain we could even redesign curriculums to enhance this.

Biggest negative impact on a humans brain is before birth during pregnancy more than the environment. However abuse and other negative impacts can have a harmful impact on learning however one of the biggest factors that have a detrimental effect on learning is social deprivation.

The most important things that a young child needs to learn is: Love, immersion in language and happiness.

Social learning and social cognition in young children is more important than formal academic learning.

Too much temptation for governments and parents to start teaching and learning far too early.

Playing and learning go hand in hand, it is important for young people to learn through play.

The most important parent/school partnership is in young children more than when they get older.

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