Safer Internet Day – 7th February 2012

As part of our preparations for Safer Internet Day 2012, I have been running Esafety sessions with Year 4, 5 and 6 students from our primary partner schools over the last couple of weeks. In addition this week we have been running whole school assemblies raising the profile of Esafety, here is an overview of what we have done in the 15 minute assembly:

The power of technology

Students watched the Google Chrome featuring Jamal Edwards as they were entering:

Will you be the next Jamal?

We then highlighted all the ways that they use technology in positive ways and some of the entrepreneurial ways they are using it in school and outside of school.

We then asked them do they always use it appropriately? Do they act responsibly online? Do they safeguard themselves and their friends?

The potential dangers 

The students then watched the ten minute new film from CEOPS called ‘Exposed’

It is a long video but is very powerful

We then highlighted some of the other potential dangers or activities that seemed to be happening recently regarding the use of Facebook etc.

Where to go for help?

We highlighted all of the in school support and where they could go if they had any concerns or worries regarding any of the content in the video and then shared the national channels of support which are discussed in the video such as childline.

Key message

We ended the assembly by saying that we know they use the internet and technology in wonderful ways, it is integrated in their way of life, it is how they socialise we don’t want them to be scared of using it or to stop. We just want them to use it responsibly, safely and appropriately. By understanding the potential dangers they can ensure they safeguard themselves and their friends and family.

We ended showing the video clip below to go back to the positive things about technology and to look to the future.

What will be next?

Other activities

We will be running other activities in the next week or two such as a competition to write and perform a rap all about Esafety and also a competition for a group of students to write and perform their own short piece of drama centred around the social issues of the internet. We will be posting examples of the winners on the school website in time for the 7th February 2012. Some of our students will also be taking part in the Safer Internet Day radio broadcast details of which can be seen below:

SID2012 Radio Programme(3)

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