Congratulations Partners in Learning!

I discovered last night about some more award finalists that I didn’t know about and just wanted to say a big well done to them.

The Naace impact award winners will be announced on Friday 9th March 2012 at the Naace Annual Conference in Leicester.

One of the finalists is Microsoft’s Partners in Learning community which basically is led and driven by Stuart Ball @innovativeteach. They are up for the Award for Adviser or Consultant or Support Service sponsored by Fantastict. This is fantastic news and so deserved whether they go on to win or not, I have seen first hand the impact that this ‘support service’ is having on the professional development of teachers and then ultimately the impact that is having on the learning of young people in the classroom here in the UK and all over the world.

I am extremely proud to be a member of the network and am very pleased that all the hard work of Stuart and his team is finally gaining recognition in awards like this.

I was also delighted to see many others on the list the likes of Chris Mayoh @chrismayoh, Mary Farmer @ebd35 and of course Derek Robertson @derekrobertson who are doing some fantastic work!

Finally it was lovely to see Leon Cych be shortlisted for the lifetime achievement award this is brilliant and very much deserved but I am sure he still has much more to give, not sure the title works maybe something like Outstanding contribution over many years may be better for Leon @eyebeams Smile

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