1 minute weekly web wonder – Week 15

Thank goodness it’s Friday, to help brighten up your day and to help you with your planning at weekends, I will be posting a weekly web based idea that will take just 1 minute of your time to read about. If you like what you read then why not try it out in your lessons the following week.

Doink – http://www.doink.com/

This is a free web 2.0 tool where anyone can create their own animations really easily. My students have recently created their own and when you have finished the animation you can then publish it to youtube or embed it on your social networking site or blog or email people your animation movie. I think this is a brilliant tool, the students loved using it and a few of them have said they will be using it at home to create their own animations to help with revision in many different subjects. Check out one of my students animations that they created during a 1 hour lesson on enzymes:


In the famous words of Gary Barlow ‘it only takes a minute…’

Happy Doink-ing all!

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