Freedom of speech–can you say what you want on twitter?

Interesting to wake up to the news this morning about twitter, footballers and so called models!

The rumours have been circulating for a month or two now related to these so called ‘gagging orders’. So some newspapers and channels are reporting a certain premiership footballer will be suing twitter after his ‘confidential’ extra curricular activities were revealed in a tweet. The first thing I thought was that he wouldn’t be able to as twitter is based in silicon valley so probably has different privacy and libel laws which does seem to be the case. Here is the article in the guardian about it:

It does raise some interesting questions especially with many organisations, businesses and education establishments banging on about the dangers of social networking especially related to the media.

It made me think with footballers recently getting into trouble for tweeting their thoughts to the world does this happen to teachers or students or will this happen to them in the future? Have any of your students got into hot water for something they have tweeted? Have any teachers or staff you work with got into any trouble? Is it enough to write a disclaimer on your profile that these are the views of myself and not my employer? Is that enough? It seems some of the rules and regulations may need to be updated within the legal system to address this. What do you think?

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