Surprised about Skype in the classroom

I signed up to Skype in the classroom a while ago now, if you have used skype within your lessons or plan to then sign up here:

While I was looking at some of the resources this morning I noticed that there is only 12,000 teachers or people involved in education signed up to it. This really surprised me, I thought that there would be many more signed up to this worldwide. Have you signed up yet? There are currently 517 different projects running on here so sign up and take a look you may find something that you want to get involved with and you will then be able to get the contact details of other teachers working on it. There are also currently 469 different resources on there that are free to use.

I created a project a few weeks ago and within 1 day 8 teachers had got in touch with me and are now working on the project. I think this has great potential so have a look and see if you would like to register, all you need is a skype account!

What do you think?

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