If Carlsberg made staff rooms they wouldn’t be like this… or would they?

On Monday evening we had the pleasure to attend the #LWF11 awards which are the Learning Without Frontiers Hero Innovator awards. You can see the link here: http://www.learningwithoutfrontiers.com/awards/

It is the first time anyone from our school have attended LWF and we were not sure when what to expect, as it was an awards ceremony we dressed to impressed as soon as we walked in the venue I removed my tie, it was smart but casual never mind however there was a fantastic atmosphere and we were soon relaxed.

It was a brilliant opportunity to meet many great people from twitter and was a real honour to be in the same room as some fantastic people in education. We were thrilled to beat off stiff competition and for our school Saltash.net Community School to win the Secondary Hero Innovation Award for our project Recharge the Battery, Maggie Philbin the presenter said how much she loved our project and that the students at our school were incredibly lucky.

You can read more about it here: http://www.learningwithoutfrontiers.com/lwf-awards-winners-2011/

It was a fantastic event and big thanks to Graham Martin Brown and the team for an incredible event we are really proud of our achievement and thank you to everyone who voted and supported the work of our students and the school.

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