Is this the end of Erasmus?

Since the EU Referendum in 2016 I had been confident that with the increase in funding for Erasmus projects since 2016 that the UK Government and members of parliament would be committed to supporting the cultural education of our next generation of young people, I am sure that it was clearly stated in the last year that Brexit wouldn’t affect it at all. However, I was utterly dismayed and disappointed to hear that on Wednesday this week MPs voted against continuing the membership of the Erasmus+ education and youth programme (See the tweet above) or what many others thought was the case.

However, within minutes of posting this blog, I received a very helpful tweet from @chris_eud, thank you to him for sending me this twitter thread below from Professor James Chalmers that clarifies the current situation:

So although, at first it appeared that it was the end, it may well not be, however, we must work to ensure that the Government does commit to successfully negociating for Erasmus to continue.

In the last twenty years of working within education, myself and my students have been involved in some absolutely wonderful opportunities and projects that have opened our eyes to the world, our young people have connected with young people from other cultures and countries, they have learnt important lessons about respect, tolerance and humanity that they simply wouldn’t have received from a text book.

In the unsettling times that we face globally from extremism and radicalisation, the polarisation that we face here within the UK and increasingly across Europe, and the impending ‘Brexit’. It is more important now than ever to ensure that we are nurturing global citizenship in our young people and creating these rich learning opportunities.

Our school is currently in the middle of two fantastic Erasmus projects and we have have at least one more in the pipeline before the funding is potentially removed, for our students you can’t underestimate the impact of this experience on their personal and social development, in addition they provide brilliantly rich professional development opportunities for our staff that will enrich their personal growth for years to come. 

What do you think of this recent news? 

Are you involved in Erasmus projects?

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