What is BrewEd?

When I first came across this on Twitter before the summer holidays I thought it was either a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on how to brew your own beer or a nice community group sharing tips on making and drinking a nice cuppa! However, it turned out to be quite a simple yet great idea Daryn Egan-Simon @darynsimon and Ed Finch @MrEdFinch on twitter to bring together teachers, pints and pedagogy.

We are hosting the first BrewEd event to take place in Plymouth on Thursday 17th October 2019 from


This is the first BrewEd event to take place in Plymouth, so if you work within education please come along and join us at #BrewEdPlymouth.

BrewEd is a grassroots movement for people from all phases, sectors, and areas of education. BrewEd events provide a space for educators to come together, enjoy each other’s company and have some open and challenging debate around thought-provoking ideas and issues. The intention is to provide a platform for local educators to have their voices heard within their community and share the experience.┬áThis is a chance to connect with other people from within education in the South West and network, to potentially collaborate or just chat about education.

It is the opportunity to connect, talk together and potentially collaborate together in the future.

So please come along


Here is an article about BrewEd:


More on how to set up your own BrewEd from @MrEdFinch


Here you can find a list of BrewEd events in your area:


Have you been to a BrewEd event? How did you find it? Have you got any suggestions for our first BrewEd event?

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