Are you considering Teaching Overseas?

It is four years now since I returned from Teaching overseas, it is interesting that particularly in the last couple of years I have had so many requests every week by teachers seeking advice about considering moving abroad to teach in an international school or returning back to the UK. For example over the Christmas break perhaps due to the poor weather in the UK I have had contact by over twenty different people hence prompting this blog post.

This week there has been a new article released by Pearson where I am featuredĀ what it is really like to work in an International School?

The Pearson International Network which features the article is fairly new but building well so it would be a useful resource to sign up to if you are considering moving overseas.

Other links that you may find useful are:

Recent article in the Guardian – Five Myths about teaching in international schools

Another on Pearson – FiveĀ  reasons to up sticks and teach abroad

Finally perhaps the most important (of course), I have a new book out with the wonderful John Catt @johncatted and there is a whole chapter on International Teaching in it which you will enjoy and I am sure find useful.

You can find it here on Amazon

If you are considering the move oversea please get in touch.


on “Are you considering Teaching Overseas?
2 Comments on “Are you considering Teaching Overseas?
  1. Dan, thanks very much for your useful hints and suggestions. i have just ordered your book at Amazon too! Can you advise where best to look to assess options about pensions and tax issues when taking up teaching jobs overseas? I’d be most grateful and look forward to hearing from you. Justin B

  2. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for your interest and support. It depends where you are based? Are you in the UK already and part of the Teachers Pension Scheme? They are quite helpful to discuss options for you to consider, likewise your teaching union can also provide advice particularly when you receive a contract from an international school. I used both of these to get free advice rather than pay for it privately. Tax wise you can also approach HMRC and the international school where you are going can advise you on local tax information. I opted to keep paying NI voluntarily whilst not here which was helpful for my return. I have also emailed you in case there are specific details you need to discuss but thought some of this information would be useful for everyone.

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