#BacktoSchool #GoogleEdu new developments – Part 2

Classroom annotations 1

As we start yet another school year it is great to see that Google for Education are pushing forward with some exciting new developments to help enhance your classroom experience.

The second feature which I am delighted with and I am positive that every Maths teacher that I know will be celebrating is that you can now annotate via Google Classroom.

This is the one thing that Maths and Science Teachers in particular have been waiting for, the opportunity for students to draw, or write on their device at home equations for example is a big improvement.

The other opportunity is that teachers can also mark and annotate students work through this same method.

I have been wondering how easy this will be to use and yesterday I got chatting to @simoncoombes who has already been testing out this new features with his own boys over the summer. It really does work, what was also useful was that a student can take a photo of their maths homework for example and upload through the app and then he as the teacher annotated the work and sent it back. Will be great to see how this progresses!

Have you used it yet? What do you think?


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