What on earth is #DigCitSummitUK?


A chance conversation with William Jenkins @EdTech_Stories on Twitter this weekend helped me get to the bottom of this confusing hashtag. I have seen it pop up on my timeline a few times recently and with less than a week to go things seem to be picking up.

What is it? (from the website)

“The Digital Citizenship Summit, aka digcitsummit, is an annual conference that brings together ALL stakeholders involved in SAFE, SAVVY, and ETHICAL social media and tech use. Our mission is to have an open, honest, and dynamic conversation about improving social media and our relationship with technology. We seek to be action-oriented–setting out to not only talk, but to actually be the digital change.

It is unbelievable to think that just 8 weeks ago after a random tweet and a Skype call that this whole conference has been organised and is happening in Bournemouth this weekend. Even more surprising is that my coffee drinking buddy @Gary_S_King is presenting too where have I been for the last 8 weeks?

What I love about #DigCitSummitUK is that it shows you just what can be achieved with a passion in education and technology.

I have been reflecting on this and it has made me reminisce about all of the unbelievable and exciting things that have happened by connecting with like-minded teachers all over the world over the last few years. It has been an enjoyable trip down memory lane in my and my students very own digital citizenship story 🙂

Many of them you probably wouldn’t believe it even if you looked at the links below:

There was the time myself and my Year 8 students appeared on Indonesian Television to 30 Million viewers

There was the time I lived with an Amazonian tribe

There was the time I became a Nigerian Village Chief

There was the time President Obama called on me for my help

There was the time I made 50 global leading teachers sing at a Teachmeet at the Microsoft HQ in Redmond

There was the time I stripped live on stage at a TEDx Talk

There was the time that my students created a scheme of work that to this day has been used by 100,000’s of students all over the world

And of course many of you may know this one or maybe you don’t there was the time I became a giant Chicken!

I can’t wait to be watching what happens this weekend, good luck to everyone involved!

Follow the tweets or better still the live feed this weekend at #digcitsummituk

Better still if you can get to Bournemouth why not attend in person, there are still tickets! http://www.digcitsummit.com/#!blank/mtc1a

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