Are you heading back to school and can’t remember how to use Google?

Over the┬áholidays your brain has been switched onto holiday mode, so you may need to kick start and remind yourself just how do you set up your timetable and meetings in Google Calendar and how do you set up your new classes in Google Classroom? Don’t worry help is at hand.

As a school we have seen the value of using Google Apps for Education, an important part of integrating this into your practice is the professional development of teachers. Finally Google have put all of the support and guidance out there in one place.

You can read many posts about how our school has been using Google Apps for Education over the last year here

To help teachers and also our students (although it isn’t technically aimed at them) is the new Google for Education Training Centre. It is a free, online learning platform which helps you use the tools in the classroom. You can visit it here

training centre

The centre provides interactive learning tutorials and help text, with a practical focus that you can work through independently. It organises your learning around three key areas:

training centre2


If you get to grips then there is the opportunity to certificate your training to become a Google Certified Educator.

Have you used it yet? What do you think?

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