Microsoft Magical Mystery Tour PART 14– Our Future World

We are living in a time of a whole new set of possibilities… this is what Sir Ken Robinson says in this video produced by Microsoft called We are the Future… Yes I may have mentioned this before (ha ha) but it also features me with Sir Ken:

A whole new set of possibilities

Whilst in Redmond at Microsoft HQ we had a fantastic opportunity to experience what technology will look like in the next ten years. This was one of the perhaps most amazing couple of hours of the entire trip for me – hearing and seeing the inside track on what possibilities may be out in the next 10 years or so. I have been sworn to secrecy (seriously I have and am not permitted to discuss all the things I have seen and experienced however you can get a flavour of the potential from this Microsoft video that is out on youtube)

What will the future be like? Maybe it could be tomorrow

I also then spent some time buying stuff in the Microsoft store and then visiting the Microsoft visitors centre which was really cool playing with a giant Kinect, emotion and connection walls and many other things.


Me pictured with the Aussie @ky_maree catching up with old friends.

What do you think the future will hold for technology in ten years time? Will it be any different than it is now?

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