The Beautiful Game – South Africa 2010

WC2010 logoWould your students like to do a presentation to students from a different country about the World Cup? This project is an international collaborative project where students from different schools from different countries pick a country that is represented in the World Cup and they create a multimedia presentation about that country working in a small group. They then present this to students in other countries through something like Skype.

Learning Objectives:

What do you need to be an effective global learner in the 21st century?

Understand what you need to be an effective 21st century learner?

Demonstrate what good communication looks like?

Gain an understanding of different countries and cultures

Here are some of the background resources:

World Cup Task_challenge

World Cup Task_team sheet

So if you are interested in taking part in this project – it can take anywhere between 3 hours of lesson time to however much time you want to spend on it. You just need to be available to watch or take part in presentations online potentially on the following dates: 1st and 2nd of July 2010. If you want to get involved then please sign up to show interest by clicking on the link below and completing your details. If you have any more questions then please just get in contact with me.


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  1. Hallo from South Africa – I’l gladly forward this to some teachers in South Africa – problem here is that most schools are busy with exams, schools in South Africa close for the time of the world cup.
    What age group would work best – contact me at

  2. Hi Saltash
    Sorry can’t help you with this one. The winter school holidays start for my school on June 25th so we would not be around to communicate on the 1st of July. I did pass your tweet onto a friend who teaches as an all boys school but he too will be on holidays. some schools do not start until Friday July 2, so hopefully you will get some antipodean takers. have fun

  3. THis is really cool because you
    can proudly talk about yourself and your people,
    and see what others in other countries are really like.
    You never get a real feel for a country and kids your age
    through the standard news and media.

    I am really interested in doing this.

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