Another first for Community School

So have you heard of BrainPOP?


Our school has recently taken the lead in the pilot as the first Evaluator school for BrainPOP UK. BrainPOP is an educational website that contains hundreds of short animated movies and quizzes that cover most subject areas and really help enhance the learning experience of students and teachers. For example in the US 25% of all school use it.

We were extremely lucky to be selected by BrainPOP UK to pilot their brand new evaluator scheme and we really enjoyed being part of the project. You can read and hear lots more about it by clicking on the link below:

This project with BrainPOP shows the commitment we have in trying new things to engage our learners, what are you doing at the moment? I would be interested to hear if you are using BrainPOP and how you are using it?

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on “Another first for Community School
One Comment on “Another first for Community School
  1. Hi,
    sounds fascinating – how are you finding it as you use it more? Intrigued to hear of new ideas and potential future usage.



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