Teaching in International Schools

Dreaming of a sunset like this?

With headlines like ‘More teachers left to go abroad, than did a University PGCE’ and ‘International Schools to recruit more UK teachers’ it is no surprise that I am being inundated at the moment from Teachers looking for advice on working in international schools. It is getting increasingly difficult to manage so many requests that I am now going to write a series of blog posts to hopefully answer some of the questions and thoughts of those considering the change.

The topics I plan to write about so far are:

A general guide to different types of International Schools

How to find a job?

How to prepare your application?

Interviews both online and face to face

Preparing to pack up your life

What it is really like to work in an international school?

Working with international students

Working with a different curriculum

International parents

What it is like when you return from teaching overseas?

If you have any more suggestions for blog posts then please leave a comment, I would really appreciate your ideas about this.

Finally some reading to get you started…

  1. My article in the Guardian – Five Myths about teaching in international schools – A good general introduction.
  2. My book which has a whole chapter on this in it – Empowering Generation Z available on Amazon.

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