Lessons on Leadership from the sports field

Thank you to @issybryce10 who tweeted out a great article in the Guardian newspaper this week on leadership titled ‘Winning advice from the field’.

The article discusses tips on leadership from sport but can equally be applied to all other areas of leadership especially in education. The article discusses a book written by Declan Gane titled ‘So you want to be captain’ which takes quotes from many famous sporting captains to offer advice on how to be an excellent leader.

You can read the full article here:


A couple of the quotes can be seen below:

"My best tip is to use your ears and not get too fond of the sound of your own voice. A captain who is forever making pronouncements and speeches can miss the one vital point: to win, you need everybody to contribute." Mark Butcher

This particular quote reminded me that some of the most effective leaders that I have worked with are some of the best listeners, it is something that is often overlooked as an important attribute of a leader but think as Mark says it is very important.

"Lead from the front. No one expects you to be the best at everything, but do what you can do to the best of your ability with the maximum enthusiasm and determination. Also, be honest. Don’t change your personality because someone has given you responsibility.” Martin Corry

I completely agree with this quote especially leading from the front and leading by example.

What do you think about either of these quotes? Can lessons be learnt from sport for educational leadership?


on “Lessons on Leadership from the sports field
4 Comments on “Lessons on Leadership from the sports field
  1. I completely agree with the quotes. Too many people talk, not enough listen, and leadership in all aspects, sports, education, government, is all about listening. It is actually a difficult skill to master and a skill sadly neglected in school teaching today. many students are scared to listen and reflect – as are many Teachers – as are very many leaders!

  2. Hi Lindsay thanks for commenting again… completely agree! Are you a good listener in your roles within schools?

  3. I try hard to. Actually it’s not that hard because I often have no choice with all the yakety-yak going on (and on, and on).

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