Microsoft Magical Mystery Tour PART 12– Global Teachmeet– Songsmith

So here are the links as promised to my teachmeet presentation where I forced the audience to record a joint songsmith on What a Teachmeet was?

Here are the amazing lyrics that took me all of 5 minutes to create, it is probably the best thing I have done in my life…

I chose to sing it in the tune of a famous song so should be sung like Frere Jacques:

“What’s a TEACHMEET?


Teachers sharing ideas,

Teachers sharing ideas,

To take into their classroom,

To take into their classroom

To make learning fun,

To make learning fun.”

To use songsmith you need to join Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Network which is free to join over 4 million teachers from 107 different countries worldwide. Songsmith is then free to download once you are a member. 

Here is a previous posts of mine on songsmith:

You can also listen & download the song we created as a group:

I had a dream…

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