I can’t live without twitter…

I have been asked my a few newbies out there what twitter is all about, what I use it for? Who to follow?

Here is a basic start, please don’t be offended if I have not included you or even if I have just tried to pick a cross range of looks, personalities, jobs and sense of humour (only kidding, just a mix of people within education)

For a great article in the TES featuring Ollie Bray and Steve Bunce about why they can’t live without twitter check out:


Here is a good starting list of ten people you should follow and keep an eye on their tweets. Once you follow them it is worth seeing who they follow and who else follow them, read their short biographies and decide whether they may be interesting.

Follow on twitter 1

who to follow in twitter 2

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on “I can’t live without twitter…
One Comment on “I can’t live without twitter…

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