Songs for Learning

First of all if you want to know all the technical stuff on this and what Microsoft Songsmith is all about then read Stuart Ball’s (Innovative Teachers blog)

You can download a free trial which I have done which lasts a long time – not on the number of times you use it but on the actual hours used recording – something like 50 hours. Alternatively you can buy your own copy for something like less than £20 a bargain!

I first used it on a collaborative project with teachers from all across Europe at the European Innovative Teachers Forum in Vienna in March 2009. You can see the video produced below: (The song recorded on songsmith is at the end of the video (It is at the end near the credits):

It is a really neat bit if kit that enables students to be really creative. I have used it a few times in lessons with Year 7 where I give them one lesson to write, perform and produce their own song. The great thing is that because they write the words themselves about a particular topic then this helps their own learning and understanding, but more importantly it is copyright free as a piece of music as they have created everything about it – it is original and unique. What is even better is that within less than an hour they really can do it and produce something I think of really high quality and extremely creative! It just shows giving students the responsibility and independence just look what they can achieve!

Have a listen to some of the songs we have created recently songs here:

There is a few on there one on Learning 2 Learn @; Heroes are Global (You may have read about this in a previous blog!) and one on Magnets by The Great Gar!

Why not create your own and then add the music as a soundtrack to your own videos too!
Let me know if you have a go at this and would love to listen to any songs that you produce!

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