Recharge the Battery

This is a fantastic example of just what children and technology can achieve. It proves that technology really can open doors and cross divides. This project has transported the innovation of Cornish students from a classroom in Saltash to all over the world. Instead of me just re-writing what has already written about the project I am just going to quote and link to other blogs where others have discussed it.

I decided yesterday whilst writing this to do a google search on ‘recharge the battery’ It was really interesting that I did get a few articles on buying rechargeable batteries but mostly it was about this project.

The first hit was a blog by Yuri Goldfuss from Microsoft Austria – he was discussing a speech that I presented in Vienna at the European Innovative Teachers Forum in March this year. It outlines the keynote and some background on the project. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the project at this forum in the most wonderful of settings (The Hoffburg Palace).

One of the next hits was the following video which gives a summary of the project. It was filmed by Microsoft in Hong Kong at the Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum last year and shows me receiving an award for the project.

The next hit was from a blog by Ollie Bray. Ollie is currently working for Learning and Teaching Scotland but was previously a Depute Headteacher at Musselburgh Grammar School, East Lothian, Scotland I met Ollie in Vienna and his innovative project using Guitar Hero in transition was an award winner and must stand a very good chance of winning at the 2009 Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum in Brazil in November.

Next up was a piece of news on Reuters:

And finally for a little bit more information check out Kristen Weatherby’s blog from Microsoft. (It also shows some information on the innovative teachers network)

Where next for Recharge the Battery?

On Tuesday 9th June we will be attending the National TES awards where our school and the project Recharge the Battery is a finalist in the E-Learning category. Follow me on twitter (chickensaltash) and keep up to date on the day to see if we win the award.


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